A Good Ship Needs a Name

June 3rd, 2017 | Posted in Captains Log | Comments Off on A Good Ship Needs a Name

3303-6-3 21:35

I went to Suclly Power station in Ix for what I was sure would be the final components for the ship

Carto data:	121,685

6D fuel scoop	385,494
3A AFM		1,982,880
4S thrusters	109,991
4D life sup	-14,472
5D sensors	-40,517

new balance:	5,908,031
AspX rebuy:	847,093

explorer rank	pathfinder 56%
Fed rank	cordial 16% rank: none 12%

With those changes complete I decided that it was finally ready. The ship is as ready as it’s ever going to be. I’ve managed to increase the jump range to 30.6 light years and honestly, I don’t see myself needing a lot of jump range once I get out there away from areas where everybody’s been before.

I did consider removing the weapons however I quickly discovered that doing so did not have a significant effect on the jump range, therefore they stay.

I feel better anyway, going out into the deep, knowing that the ship can defend itself at least a little bit some even though my standard policy will be to avoid conflict whenever possible, if I have to fight, I want to be able to.

No more shakedown cruises. It’s time for the sixth expedition. This is the one I’ve been wanting to do from the start. I am going far out of populated space, out beyond what’s already been explored.

I have been thinking about this since before I bought the ship and have finally decided on it’s name. This name is one with a long proud history going back to the American revolutionary war and before. It is a name that’s been carried by many ships, both military and civilian, for over fifteen centuries.


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