Second Shakedown Cruise

June 2nd, 2017 | Posted in Captains Log | Comments Off on Second Shakedown Cruise


The first shakedown went well enough. After selling a couple million worth of data to Universal Cartograhics I decided to see if I could increase the ship’s jump range and made some changes.

repairs 55
carto data	2,102,006
5A FSD		4,621,912
4A pwr plnt	163,959
3A sh gen	507,912
3D pwr dist	10,133
3C 8t Fueltank	7,063

new balance	1,807,819
asp rebuy:	769,975

As soon as the work was done I headed out on another shakedown cruise to PLEIADES SECTOR IR-W D1-42 (375.90 ly, 15jumps).

When I finished that I had another five million from U.C. and I knew what would be the last changes I’d need to make. . . . after getting some rest, it’s been a long day.

new balance: 7,328,730
Aspx rebuy: 769,975

Explorer rank: pathfinder 55%

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