First Landing and A New Ship

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I Went back to Armstrong City for that vehicle hangar & SRV. Once I had everything loaded I took off and went to a nearby low gravity moon for some practice. While I know I didn’t do a great job of the landing, I also managed to do it on the first try without crashing or breaking anything. Believe it or not, past experience with assorted flight sims did actually help.

I even managed to get the SRV deployed and start moving forward…. and then immediatly had a small panic moment when I realized I didn’t know what the “kill throttle” control was for it. A few minutes later with that settled, I set about driving around, getting used to the controls. I think I did alright. while the rover did get a few dents here and there I managed to not destroy it.

Testing everything, I somewhat nervously sent the “dismiss ship” commmand and watched as my ship took off and returned to orbit where, as I understand, it will sit in a sort of pocket dimension until I recall it, safe from would be mischevious twits doing unmentionable and even unspeakable things to it.

This was followed by some more driving around, attempting to understand how the wave scanner works (let’s face it, the thing’s not exactly ‘user friendly’ to somebody that’s never actually seen or used one before), testing the cargo scoop, and of course, wasting a mess of ammunition blasting away at a number of surface rocks with the minigun turret.

Things I have yet to figure out include how to find, mine and collect ores, and how to use the synthesis processes available in both rover and the ship (which apparently share the inventory of materials.. very handy that)

After returning to Wohler terminal I decided I’m going to take that guy’s advice and start putting together an Asp Explorer for my ‘big trip’. It’s got a lot of good features and like he said, it was made for that kind of work.

So I decided to sell off everything that it doesn’t need to get to Thurston Ring in Qama where I’ll buy the Asp and then sell whatever is left when I get there and trade in the sidewinder itself for the Asp.

As it turned out, the modules I didn’t sell before going to Thurston Ring can’t be sold separately, leastways I didn’t see a way to do it. Not that it mattered because this was going to be a trade in anyway.

Asp Explorer	5,661,981
part value of old ship	-59,210

total price	5,602,771

new balance	9,405,844


5B power plant	1,392,561
5D thrusters	107,120
5C FSD 		428,481

I wanted a 5A but none in stock, will upgrade later.

4C pwr dist	50,647
4G hangar	21,391
2 SRV's		8,960
5B shild gen	1,392,561
3C  AFm		247,860
3E cargo	8,979
3A fuel scoop	767,511
2x 2E pulse laser	14,960
4x heat sinks	2,975

new Balance:	4,985,197

Rebuy costs:

Adder:	95,157
Asp X:	503,687

I also sold the basic scanner, planning to move the better scanners over from the Adder.

Gotta love that Li Yong-Rui 15% discount! There’s a few more changes I want to do but this station doesn’t have the right parts. Now for it’s maiden voyage, back to Kremain.

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