An Odd Encounter

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I headed back to Armstrong city for more upgrades:

1 3A FSD	375,291 
1 2A pwr dist	 48,065
1 3B sh gen	125,097	
1 heat sink 	2,975

and of course I had data to sell when I got there:

5 carto data			48,501

new balance: 4,297,832
rebuy cost: 95,157

While I waiting for the crews to get everything installed I hung around watching from a respectful distance (never crowd a mechanic, it makes them grumpy, which is sometimes not good for whatever they’re working on, always give ’em plenty of space and don’t pester ’em or even worse, offer to “help”.)

A tall older guy walked out of the shop and sat down nearby with a mug of some drink that smelled of alcohol. “Nice ship you’ve got there” he said, “Not often I see one fitted for exploration. Most pilots use ’em for trade, or bounty hunting.”

His tone got just a little stern when he added that last part. “I take it you don’t like bounty hunters.”

“I’ve had a few come after me. Getting shot at kinda sours your opinion of folks, and then there’s the ones that get the empire to help them freeze you.”

That last sounded more than a little odd. “why would a bounty hunter want to freeze you?” I asked.

He chuckled and said “that was a long time ago kid. It’s a long story neither of us has time for.”

I didn’t care for being called “kid” but he looked old enough to use the word talking to somebody three times my age.

“So what sort of exploring are you doing?” he asked. “Well it’s not real exploration.” I replied, I scan whatever systems I go through and sell the updated data to Universal Cartographics. It’s good money.”

“I can tell,” he said, “That ship is new, not even any scratches on the paint yet. But there’s a a bit of charring, which means you’re almost as new, got too close scooping fuel did you?”

“once or twice.” I admitted. “but I’m getting the hang of it.”

“anyway, when you decide to head off to do some real exploration, you’re gonna want a better ship.” he said.

“why do you say that?” I asked, “The Adder is a good ship.”

“It is. But if you’re really going to head off into the deep you need something that was built for the job.” He explained.

“and I suppose you’ve got a ship you just happen to have for sale?” This was starting to smell like an expert salesman working a mark.

“yeah I’ve got a ship but she’s not for sale. she’s been with me for a long time and I’ve made a lot of special modifications myself. I doubt anyone else could fly her.” The way he looked talking about his ship, you could tell it meant a lot to him.

“So what ship do you think I ought to use?” I asked, getting back on topic.

“Kid, what you want is an Asp Explorer. That’s what they’re made for.”

“I guess that makes sense. You’ve got one here?”

“Nope, But I can tell you how to save some credits buying one. Make sure the system you buy it in is one controlled by Li Yong-Rui. You’ll save a good 15% off the price.”

“I’ve heard about that. It’s the reason I came here for the work on the Adder.” I told him, still feeling just a bit suspicious.

“Good, just remember to check who’s in charge where you buy your next ship and you’ll save big.”

“I will. Anyway, looks like my ship is ready.”

He seemed a decent enough guy but there was something I don’t know, odd, about him. I made my way back to the Adder and Settled up accounts and got aboard to start planning my next expedition.

Distances given are from where I plot that leg of the flight, normally that’ll be in the system at the end of the previous leg. For the 1st leg it’s from the station I leave from, in this 1st case, Armstrong city.

expedition 4

leg 1: COL 285 SECTOR CX-J C9-8 223ly 20j

leg 2: PLEIADES SECTOR KH-V C2-13 434.94ly 41j

leg 3: CAPRICORNI SECTOR MX-U C2-8 450.93ly 45j

14 jumps from the end of leg 4 I ran into a system with a dock (Lasell Dock), and decided to see if I could get better fuel scoop. I had meant to get one back at Armstrong City but somehow forgot. also reloading & repairing heat damage

hmpth. turns out they’ve no outfitting services. neither does the other station, Naylor’s pride. bunch of backwoods hicks i tell ya. Fortunately a station in the next system, hartsfeld orbital, not only had outfitting services like a decent station should, but also had a 2B fuel scoop.

when I arrived back at wohler terminal after this run I had a bit over 10 million worth of data for Universal Cartographics, which made for an impressive new balance of 14,890,675

I decided to gonna pick up a cheap sidewinder, fit it with a vehicle hangar and go practice landings because that’s going to be an important part of keeping everything running when I’m beyond convenient reach of stations.

Explorer rank now pathfinder 25%

Federation rep cordial 11%, rank none 12%

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