A Good Investment

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Today I went to Armstrong city in the Borr system because it’s got things I’m looking for and because it’s in area controlled by Li Yong-Rui and another one of the tidbits of helpful information I’ve picked up from pilots is that in areas controlled by Li Yong-Rui you get a 15% discount on ship & module purchases, and because it’s a high tech economy which means another 3% discount.

Of course I was d-scanning along the way and had 50K credits worth of data to sell when I arrive. I got an advanced discovery scanner and a detailed surface scanner which put my balance at 487,224 and brought the ship’s rebuy cost to 92,677

With those goodies installed I headed off on my third expedition to practice using them and get some practical benefit in the form of payoff on return to Kremainn.

leg 1 pleades sector KH-V C2-3 306.45ly 61 jumps

leg 2 kramainn wohler terminal, approx `400ly 55jumps (I forgot to get map distance but 400 is close)

I think it’s safe to say that those really expensive scanners paid for themselves the first time out. By the end of the trip I had done 93 scans that Universal Cartographics would buy for a total of 3,811,983 and after spending 234 on some repairs needed because I had a couple “heat events” scooping too close to stars that brought my balance to 4,298,973 with a rebuy cost of 92,677


explorer rank now trailblazer 32%

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