TFC Modcraft ep13 Quarry Time

October 9th, 2016 | Posted in TFC Modcraft | Comments Off on TFC Modcraft ep13 Quarry Time

Manual mining and babysitting the mining turtle is a slow way to get resources. Time to get a quarry going. It will work loads better than the turtle and get tons of stuffs. Recorded 10-8-16 11:17pm.

NOTE: In response to some questions I have to say that this is not FTB, nor is it the new Hermitcraft Hermitpack. It’s not even in Minecraft 1.10. The collection of mods I’m using was put together back when Minecraft 1.2.5 was the current version. This was long before most people ever even heard of the Feed The Beast launcher. Instead I built this install myself the old fashioned way, by hand, drawing inspiration from Season 4 of Direwolf20’s Let’s play. I’ve got most of the mods that he used in that season and a couple more like computercraft.

Also some folks have asked if I’ll be playing on the Hermitcraft Modded server. At this time I have no plans to play the Hermitpack. Instead I intend to go forward with this collection of retro mods like RedPower 2, Buildcraft, Industrialcraft and Thaumcraft 2.

These Minecraft 1.2.5 mod versions are from a time when mod authors didn’t feel the need to overcomplicate things to the point where it became hours of mind numbing tedium (I’m looking at you Gregtech) in order to get anything significant done. Back when Feed The Beast was nothing more than a custom challenge map built for modded Minecraft.

I will no doubt be playing a more modern modpack again in the future sometime but for now I want to just enjoy messing around with this old style modded install. Who knows what sort of adventure awaits?

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