Hermitcraft 4 Ep67 Helping Out Neighbors

September 18th, 2016 | Posted in Hermitcraft Vanilla | 5 Comments

After getting some work done on the beef situation I take time out to help out some neighboring shops in the commercial district. — Recorded 9-17-16 @9:34am

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5 Responses to “Hermitcraft 4 Ep67 Helping Out Neighbors”

  1. Yo Chef!

    Just sayin’… are you aware that Wood World already had a license on the three with globe on top? Or did you put up those tree in there just to derp around? =)

  2. Actually I wasn’t aware of that and didn’t see it when looking around.

  3. Yo!

    I guess when you looked at it at 27m 58s you didn’t know that the whole place behind the three selling wood and horses is Wood World.

    Anyways… i have a question, have been looking on a bunch of your videos and it looks like you do not use a beacon of your own?

    Why is that?

    As one of the richest hermits on the server you certainly can afford to purchase one.

    My hands ache when i watch you clear out massive spaces like for your threefarm without eff5-pickaxe + haste2-beacon xD

    Greetings from Sweden \o/

  4. I don’t bother with a beacon, particularly at G.U.T.S. because its like those old cartoons where there’s a huge sign that says “This way to the secret base!”. Other than that, beacons have such short range that they’re not useful to me in my mines which is the main place I’d use one. If they reached 200 blocks I’d be interested, as it is, not worth the trouble.

  5. Ah… yeah at G.U.T.S. i totally agree, i was more thinking around your House of Cards… since i know how long it takes to mine out an area the size of the room for your sorting system xD

    And yeah, beacons should have longer range… i wish they added functionality so that every extra layer you gain say 25 blocks so an 8-layer pyramid would have range 100 in every direction.

    Keep the episodes coming! =)