Mods I’m using in my 7 Days to Die Season 2 LP

July 7th, 2016 | Posted in 7 Days to Die | Comments Off on Mods I’m using in my 7 Days to Die Season 2 LP

In answer to several folks asking what mods I’m using I present this list of links.

Each of them is a post on the 7 Days to Die forum and contain the instructions needed to get them installed. I didn’t have any trouble but if you do you can ask questions there and very likely get a reply from the mod creator.

Quick Mod: Unloading Ammo allows you to unload ammo from guns even before you have read the book/schematic for that weapon type

Ammo Dismantling Allows you to take bullets apart and recover the bullet tips, gunpowder and bullet casing from each. Very useful if you have find ammo of a type that you don’t have guns for.

Expanded Farming makes it possible to farm Aloe, Yucca, and Chrysanthemum.

I am also using one other mod that I created that allows farming wheat which can then be cooked in a beaker to make beer. Once I am satisfied that all is good with it I’ll release it on the 7 Days to die forum and edit this post to link it here as well.

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