More Confusion

December 12th, 2014 | Posted in Nutjob Hills | Comments Off on More Confusion

After what happened yesterday (and at four am this morning!), I am unwilling to trust any “news” that I hear about yoga guy that come from anyone other than myself.

This is because the citizens of Nutjob Hills, while mostly honest well meaning folk, have a tendency to jump to conclusions based on very little (if any) evidence.

Just this afternoon I heard one of the local “good old boys” talking about how yoga guy “got himself a larva. Man’s gonna raise bugs.”

Yoga guy is an annoying turd but I’m pretty certain that he’s not about to add insects to his already busy schedule of being a royal pain in the arse.

Come to find out he did have another delivery today. Guitars. Lots of guitars. very probably he’s managed to buy up two or three of the entire Larrivee lineup. My only question is just exactly does he plan to do with them.

I’m pretty certain that I have a good idea what that’s going to be. and at four am I’m going to find out I was right.

Sometimes I hate being right.

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