Mods I’m using in KSP 0.25 (The Long Season)

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I’m about to start recording what I’m calling “The Long Season” of KSP. (Series Playlist) This season of my KSP LP will take place entirely within KSP 0.25. The idea is that instead of simply going until a new update comes out that breaks compatibility and then starting over again, I’m going to keep this one going until it’s story reaches some kind of logical conclusion

I don’t anticipate updating this install once the series begins. *IF* a new update comes out that does not break compatibility AND all mods update in a fashion that allows migrating the series without breaking anything I *Might* update but I don’t see that being very likely at this point. Updating an install with this many mods is a lot of work and I don’t look forward to doing it again any time soon.

Please don’t suggest or request that I add additional mods. It took me several days just to get the ones listed here all installed and working without crashing due to out of memory errors.

Addendum:Some weeks after 0.90 was released I was successful in moving this series over. Since then KSP 1.0.2 has been released however there has been enough changes that I do not believe updating this series to 1.0.2 will be possible. Therefore it will continune in 0.90

Here is a list of the mods I’ll be using this time around (with links to their KSP forum posts)

“Must Have”. Mods that I do not wish to play KSP without:

Raise Minimum Ambient Lighting v1.0

This is one that I consider mandatory for anyone recording KSP videos and should, in fact, be added to stock KSP. It raises the minimum light level to a point where viewers will never have to look at a black screen and complain they can’t see what you’re doing. Realistic light levels are cool but they can kill a video experience fast.

I know the forum post says it’s for 0.23 but I’ve tested it with 0.25 and it still works great.

Precise Node 1.1.1

Simply put, this is what maneuver nodes should be. Enough of this fiddling with handles. Give me numbers to work with instead.

Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.0.1.0 (Oct 26)

Here’s another one that should be part of the stock game. I cannot emphasize enough how incredibly useful it has been to me. Excellent addition.

[Plugin] [0.23.5] Editor Part Highlighter

Another one that should be added to the stock game. Makes finding parts in your ship TONS easier when editing your staging configuration.

Toolbar 1.7.7

A great interface that many mods can use to make working with them easier.

Kerbal Engineer Redux – v0.6.2.12

Provides a lot of useful flight information and is also helpful in the design phase.

TAC Fuel Balancer v2.4.1 [10Oct]

Provides much finer control of fuel other resource transfers than stock KSP ever dreamed of. It also makes balancing your fuel load drop dead simple.

Module Manager 2.5.1 (Oct 08) – “Win64 must die edition”

Very powerful utility for adjusting configs on the fly. Without this many mods either simply wouldn’t work right or would be a royal five star pain to set up.

Stock Bug Fix Modules

This one fixes several bugs in stock KSP involving parachutes disappearing, radial decouplers and Kerbals being ejected away from the capsule on EVA

[2014-10-12] Haystack Continued (v0.3.2.0)

This one makes it SO much easier to find, switch to or target any ship. Glad to see that it’s finally back.

Docking Port Alignment Indicator (Version 4.0 – Updated 06/29/14)

Makes docking easier by showing you your alignment relative to the target docking port and the rate of closure.

[Plugin] [PART, 0.25] Anatid Robotics / MuMech – MechJeb – Autopilot – v2.4.0

Flight information which can be arranged in custom windows, maneuver planning and a number of autopilots.

As of the beginning of this series I’m using dev build 341 which you can get here

For those who question the legitimacy of using MechJeb Please take a look at this post “MechJeb: I’ve Got Rules For That“.

“Useful and Cool” Mods that provide parts and functions that add to the game in a major way:

Procedural Parts – Parts the way you want ’em 0.9.19, Oct 11

The ultimate in tweakable parts. Customize everything about any of these parts.

Aviation Lights v3.6 (03MAY14)

Adds a selection of lights that you can add to ships and planes both for looks and function

In game notes / notepad / checklist v0.10.1 26/10/14

No more having to alt-tab out of the game to refer to or update notes! Now you can keep them in-game.

Kethane Pack 0.9.2

Serves nicely as a substitute until Squad finally implements resources, mining and processing. We can only hope they do as good a job as Majiir did with Kethane.

Deadly Reentry v6.2.1, Oct 12, 2014

Another one that I have not used before, it adds a level of realism and challenge to the game. I have used the same configuration options that Scott Manley did in this video

The Mods Used By Interstellar Quest And How To Install Them On KSP 0.23.5

KSP Interstellar Version 0.13

Another new one (new to me that is) that adds a number of reactors, drives, new science nodes and even a warp drive. This one is also set up using the same options as the Scott Manley video linked above.

TechManager Version 1.1

This is a drop in replacement for the TreeLoader mod that was previously required in order to use KSP Interstellar. Simply follow the directions in the forum post and you’re golden.

StageRecovery – Recover Funds+ from Dropped Stages – v1.5.1 (10/7/14)

This one does what it says on the box. If a stage you drop has enough parachutes on it so that it could land intact, then this allows you to recover the funds as if it did in spite of it going beyond the 2.5 km limit and getting deleted by the game. Squad should really give this one serious consideration. It only makes sense.

Stock Drag Fix

This one fixes an error in how KSP calculates drag. DO NOT USE this if you have FAR or NEAR installed!

Edit 2/3/15: I’ve since replaced this with FAR

TAC Life Support v0.10.1 [10Oct] [No Win64 Support]

This one makes life support an issue. If a ship goes too long without air, power, water or waste storage, Kerbals aboard it will die.

KW Rocketry v2.6d2

Tons of parts for all occasions, fuel tanks, engines and more. Now with five meter parts!

Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics – 0.19.2

Another one that I’ve not used before but has loads of potential uses.

Kerbal Attachment System (KAS) 0.4.9

I’ve not used this one before but I expect it to be very useful

Quantum Struts

I’m using a copy of this that I pulled from an earlier install in 0.23. In spite of considerable time searching I could not find a download for this one until today.

The version linked is for KSP 0.20 and may or may not work (though so far I’ve not had any problems with it). Your mileage may vary, no guarantees, use at your own risk.

There is a KSP forum thread that comes up in searches but that thread is either deleted or locked.


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