TFC Plays Warcraft ep 1 Waking Up Dead

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Recently I was talking with someone and they suggested that I should do an LP in World of Warcraft. I had tried wow back in early 2009 and that new player experience wasn’t exactly what you’d call great. In fact it was pretty bad.

You see, I had bought the boxed copy from my local wally world (Wall Mart). I fully expected it to be no different than the boxed versions of any other game I’d bought in a store. i.e. it would be up and running within minutes of putting the install CD in the computer and that it would have plenty of documentation either on paper or as help files or .pdf’s on the install disk.

Bearing in mind that I had never before played any kind of MMO, you can imagine my surprise when none of the above was true. It had to update before it was playable. This part didn’t bother me. What did was the fact that downloading and installing said update took nearly 24 hours and used up 50% of the remaining hard drive space that I had at the time.

Once it was done installing I found that it was very sluggish (my computer back then was a dinosaur that could barely run wow even with everything else shut down).

Once I got in-game I figured that there I would be able to find some help files that would introduce me to the game and tell me some basics about how things worked, explain some basic game mechanics and so on.

There was none of that to be found anywhere.

Asking questions of other players, all that netted me was some very anti-newbie “if you don’t already know that you have no right to play wow” kind of attitudes. Looking back on it, I will assume that this was not the normal way that most wow players treat newbies and was instead the very crappy attitude of a few and not representative of wow players as a whole.

Anyway, after a few days of that I gave up, uninstalled wow, and never looked back. I explained all this to my friend who assured me that mine was far from the typical new player experience. He said that I should really give it a try.

So I went ahead and installed the “Free until level 20” version and gave it a go. It didn’t take me long to figure out that he was right. I then spent quite a bit of time googling assorted stuff about wow. Finally I told him that it does look good but there’s no way I can afford it given my current money situation. That’s when he gave me enough to get the game and game time into December.

Now that you know the background that goes with it, Here’s the first episode of my new World of Warcraft Let’s Play: “Waking Up Dead”.

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