Eve Online Marketing Update After 7 days

September 15th, 2014 | Posted in Eve Market | Comments Off on Eve Online Marketing Update After 7 days

Even though I’ve had a few days during which I wasn’t able to keep my sell orders updated as well as I’d like, I’ve still been making a consistent profit.

Each time I head off to buy new stuff the shopping list starts with items that have sold out and has at least a few more items on it than before because I’m continuing product research.

Trade 5 has finished training and now I’m working on Broker Relations 4 and 5 which will further reduce the broker fees that I have to pay on every sell order.

The only difficult or perhaps I should say “Challenging” part is finding enough things to buy so that as much of my ISK as possible is re-invested in new products. This is in spite of the fact that each time I head off to buy more stuff, I’ve got more ISK to work with. Even things that I honestly had some doubt about have been selling quite well. For example one item that I paid 9 million for that sold a few days later for over 32 million.

I cannot help think just how cool it would be if I could make money this easily in real life.

On my last buying trip I found myself with items in my hold that represent nearly 80 million of the current sell order value. This means that it’s time to look into using some form of courier contracts to have things moved. I just know that if I don’t I’ll end up getting ganked and taking a huge loss.

It’s much better to have a contract where If for any reason the payload is not delivered, I’ll get paid collateral which I will be certain to set at the expected selling value of the cargo.

When my wealth reaches the point where my wallet balance is consistently high enough to buy PLEX then I’m going to start a second market alt and activate multiple character training.

Testiclees will then resume the plan that I had for him before this project came along and put everything else on hold.

My starting wallet 7 days ago: 4,816,362.72

Wealth: 97,953,137.59
using 34 of 41 max orders

wallet: + 709,294.39
Sell Order value: + 121,554,804
buffer: – 24,310,960.80

I’m including a 20 percent buffer value (subtracted from the total sell orders value) as the amount by which I’m prepared to lower prices in order to stay on top of the list.

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