E-001- Space Noob – TFC Plays EvE Online

July 23rd, 2014 | Posted in EvE Online | Comments Off on E-001- Space Noob – TFC Plays EvE Online

Since I’ve taken to embedding ALL of my videos here instead of just the vlogs, there’s another series I’m going to introduce. Besides all the Minecraft, FTB, Kerbal Space Program and Skyrim. I’ve also spent some time playing EvE Online.

There’s only 21 episodes so far starting back in May of 2013. It’s also true that I’ve had some rather long gaps in there as well but I’m still at it when I can and in fact, I hope to be able to get more EvE videos made “soon”.

In this first video I’m just getting started. Never having played anything even remotely like EvE Online in my life.

And yes, through the first several episodes I was really n00bing it up bad.

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