Beyond The Foil – Back In The Kitchen

August 23rd, 2012 | Posted in Beyond The Foil | Comments Off on Beyond The Foil – Back In The Kitchen

(YTO2 299-67) In response to popular demand I have returned once again to the kitchen. In this video you get to hear about both a disaster and a great supper.

Also, for those of you who like the Orbiter 2010 videos that I have been doing recently you will probably enjoy the new video series that my brother started up recently with Flight Simulator called “50 Stats In 50 Flights”. In this series he’s going to be flying to the capitol city of all 50 US states.

Here’s links to the first two episodes:

50 States In 50 Flights – 01 Arkansas – Missouri

50 States In 50 Flights – 02 Missouri – Kansas

For those that have been following my “Jupiter Mission” story, Here are links to each of the parts that have been published so far. (though what I really need to do is create a post somewhere with links to all parts of it that gets updated every time a new part is published. In the meantime lists like this will do.)

Jupiter Mission – Pre-Launch

Jupiter Mission – Launch

Jupiter Mission – Error

Jupiter Mission – Mid-Course Correction

Jupiter Mission – Milestone

Jupiter Mission – Holiday

Jupiter Mission – Mystery

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