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August 23rd, 2012 | Posted in kitchen talk | Comments Off on Investing Neighbor

Y’know, most people, when you mention investments, think of various stocks and bonds and other suchlike things. Or perhaps they’ll consider the idea of buying what’s known as an “income property”, like an apartment building or a house that can then be rented or leased for a regular income.

A lady down the street however has taken something of a different approach. Instead of the usual sort of things she’s invested in jewelry. According to her it’s a good solid investment (is there a pun in that somewhere? sure smells like it to me.).

Specifically she claims that jewelry is much more than mere adornments and trinkets to enhance your looks or complete your outfit. She says that jewelry does not depreciate in value, that instead it increases in value over time.

Personally I kinda doubt that this is true for all jewelry. Sure, perhaps for top notch stuff that is actually made of real gold or silver and involves real gemstones like stuff you might find at guy harvey jewelry. However the plain truth of it is that the overwhelming majority of jewelry that most people have is fake. Instead of gold or silver it’s made of things that LOOK like gold or silver. The “gemstones” in these pieces are almost always worthless copies of the real thing. Most so-called jewelry is in fact “costume jewelry”, it looks pretty but it’s not even close to almost thinking about being real.

So if you want to do like this lady down the street from me and invest in jewelry then I suggest that you first learn how to spot the genuine article. Otherwise your “investment” is going to cost you money rather than earn it.

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