Brighton Beach To ISS Orbit- Flying With TFC

August 13th, 2012 | Posted in Flying With TFC, video, Youtube Orbit | Comments Off on Brighton Beach To ISS Orbit- Flying With TFC

(YTO2 296-70) Having successfully landed the DeltaGlider on the moon we fast forward a couple of weeks in time to take the XR2 on the first leg of a trip that will end on the Martian surface at a base on top of Olympus Mons.

In this part of the trip we return to an Earth orbit that is in the same orbital plane as the International Space Station.

In the next part I’ll be synchronizing orbits with the ISS and rendezvous and dock with it.

Note: this is not a tutorial by any stretch of the imagination. It’s Just me having some fun with orbiter 2010 p1.

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