A Rolling Garden

August 31st, 2008 | Posted in Food fun, From The Cook, Odds & Ends | Comments Off on A Rolling Garden

Sometime back I ran across a page, probably via StumbleUpon, that had an interesting variation on the concept of the garden. I only wish that I had bookmarked it or could find it again. Instead of doing something ordinary like plant things in his yard or a window box, this guy decided that his garden had to be where he could keep an eye on it… or maybe he didn’t have any other place to put it.

Anyway. He got one of those big plastic car covers and put it on his car. Then he cut out pieces of it for the windows and made other cuts so that the doors, hood, trunk and gas cap could all open. That’s when he got out the glue and glued the thing to the car.

Once that was set he applied another layer of glue to the outside of the car cover and packed it with topsoil. Along the sides of the car he had grass planted and on the roof, hood, fenders and trunk he had various vegetables planted. Instead of washing his car he would have to water and weed it. He also had to make sure that he didn’t grow anything that needed a lot of depth or would get very tall.

I know this sounds like one of those “yeah, right.” kinda things but it was there, complete with pictures of the “greenest” Towncar anybody’s ever driven.

If anyone happens to run across the site please let me know the url.

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