Hard Boiled Eggs In the Microwave

August 6th, 2008 | Posted in Appliances, Food Prep, From The Cook, Odds & Ends, Recipies | Comments Off on Hard Boiled Eggs In the Microwave

Hard Boiled eggs are not only a great snack and side dish on their own, they are also useful in many recipes. I was recently asked, “can you hard boil eggs in the microwave?”. I honestly didn’t think it was possible to do this.

When faced with a question like this that just won’t go away, it’s time to put on the headphones with some Beethoven playing and spend some time searching. After searching a while I found that yes, you can actually hard boil eggs with a microwave oven.

There’s two ways to go. One is by using a microwaveable egg cooker that you can find at Amazon and most kitchen appliance stores and following the directions that come with it. The other way do microwave hard boiled eggs involves a few easy steps.

Start by coating a microwave safe container with a non-stick spray.

Then gently crack the eggs and pour them into the container. Be careful to keep the yolk intact.

Next cover the container with a paper towel and cook for 45 to 90 seconds.

If the eggs aren’t done, put them back in for 15 seconds at a time until they’re done.

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