E-001- Space Noob – TFC Plays EvE Online

July 23rd, 2014 | Posted in EvE Online | No Comments

Since I’ve taken to embedding ALL of my videos here instead of just the vlogs, there’s another series I’m going to introduce. Besides all the Minecraft, FTB, Kerbal Space Program and Skyrim. I’ve also spent some time playing EvE Online.

There’s only 21 episodes so far starting back in May of 2013. It’s also true that I’ve had some rather long gaps in there as well but I’m still at it when I can and in fact, I hope to be able to get more EvE videos made “soon”.

In this first video I’m just getting started. Never having played anything even remotely like EvE Online in my life.

And yes, through the first several episodes I was really n00bing it up bad.

why settle for a 14 day free trial of EvE Online when you can click this link for a **21 day** free trial?

Apology To Viewers

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I owe you guys an apology. No excuses, just a flat admission that I did something I shouldn’t have.

Crossed Rumors

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I haven’t seen any “Bob rumors” in quite a while. It has also been suspiciously quiet on the yoga guy front.

Today both of those things have changed. An anonymous rumormonger has declared that Bob is secretly preparing to “disappear” again and go into business supplying yoga guy with all varieties of musical equipment from instruments to amplifiers and asorted musical electronics.

well I hate to bust your bubble Mr. Rumormonger but that’s not how things work in a little place I like to call “The real world”.

You see, Bob isn’t going anywhere. He’s still very much recuperating from his ordeal. Heck, these days he won’t even leave the house to see a live performance of The girls from “Babes of Star Trek Gone wild”… and that’s saying something.

As for yoga guy, he’s not in any need for somebody to sell him stuff. He gets almost all of his musical instruments and related electronics from www.musiciansfriend.com and I doubt that he’s about to change any time soon.

E-007- Depths Of Ustengrav TFC Plays Skyrim

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Finishing off the exploration of the depths of Ustengrav in search for of Windcaller’s horn what I find is a bit of a mystery

The Excellence Of Cool Weather

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The weather here has been positively AWESOME! In what I suspect will go into the record books as the coolest July on record in these parts the overnight temps have been as low as 54 and daytime highs have only just touched the mid 70′s for the last week or more!

First Four Contracts – KSP First Contract

July 20th, 2014 | Posted in Kerbal Space Program | No Comments

0.24 has arrived! Not only do we have science, we now have money, and reputation to think about as well. There’s also contracts from mission control that can earn all three. Building ships is no longer free because we now have to watch the budget!