Industrial Ice Factory – Creativerse Ep29

January 21st, 2018 | Posted in Creativerse | No Comments

In a recent live stream I developed (with help from viewers, Thanks guys!). a working ice generating machine. Now that I’ve got the machine worked out, it’s time to get out the industrial blocks and build an industrial ice factory to house the ice machine.

‘Real’ Life Gets In the Way

January 20th, 2018 | Posted in Vlog | No Comments

I hate it when so-called “real” life gets in the way of doing the things that are really important.

Auto Cobble Gen Hermitcraft Hermit Skies Ep2

January 18th, 2018 | Posted in Hermit Skies | No Comments

I’m already tired of doing the “pebbles” thing so it’s time for automatic cobble generator which will go a long way toward increasing production in the sieves

Fails – TFC Plays the Direwolf20 Season 7 Pack Ep15

January 17th, 2018 | Posted in TFC Plays Direwolf20 1.7.10 | No Comments

There was a LOT of fail in this episode and it’s making that it came close to not happening.

Getting Started – Hermitcraft Hermit SKies Ep1

January 16th, 2018 | Posted in Hermit Skies | No Comments

Doing all those first day on a skyblock world things . . .

Duality – Hermitcraft 5 Ep95

January 15th, 2018 | Posted in Hermitcraft Vanilla | No Comments

After getting the item sorting for the xp farm taken care of I find out that flying during really odd Minecraft storms can have . . . interesting results.