Punching Trees In The Sky – FTB Insanity Skyblock Ep1

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THIS is gonna be fun!! The FTB Insanity Skyblock map is one of the earliest Modded Skyblock maps. Made for Minecraft 1.2.5 it includes old versions of some classic mods including Buildcraft, Industrialcraft (Long BEFORE it got “greg-tech-ed”!!), Forestry, RedPower2 and features Equivalent Exchange 2

FTB Insanity is a challenge map that works with the FTB SSP Retro modpack in Minecraft 1.2.5 and can be found on the FTB launcher

Insert Century Reference Here – TFC’s Journey To The FarLands Ep100

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I spent a lot of time today trying to come up with something appropriate for the hundredth episode and mostly I think I kinda failed. –2017-31 Recorded 17-2-25 @10:03pm

Hermitrons – Hermitcraft 4 Ep113

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It’s time to visit the Hermitron Hall and see what this Hermitron thing is all about. — Recorded 17-2-25 @8:16am.

Automating Mana – TFC Plays Direwolf20 1.7.10 Ep9

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After I get the sorting system mostly up and running It’s time to automate feeding the endoflame for mana generation. — Recorded 17-2-24 @11:29am

The Rule – TFC’s Journey To The FarLands Ep99

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Sorry this is late. recorded on time but I got wrapped up working on something and managed to forget about it for 4 hours. In addition to wondering about a rule of English spelling I talk more about what I noticed while editing episode 97 and then go on and on about something I saw in a comment on an old Direwolf20 video. –2017-30 Recorded 17-2-23 @8:14pm

Modernizing Wool Mart – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep340

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Leaving the Lakeside Mall building issue for now I’m off to update a really old wool farm with just a bit of automation. Recorded 17-2-22 @11:24pm