Multiple Market Crashes

July 28th, 2014 | Posted in EvE Online | No Comments

Last week CCP released the latest update to EvE Online known as “Crius”. This was accompanied by the usual surges and flatlines in market activity as some people increased how much they bought or sold and others cut back or stopped selling entirely based on how they thought this update would affect their activities.

Then, two days after the update, people attempting to do business in Jita, the largest market hub in the game, encountered this message. “The Market is not ready at the moment. Please try again later.”

Simply put, the market had crashed. It was not possible to do business in Jita. I understand that this condition lasted for a couple of hours before thing apparently returned to normal.

This has been followed by more crashes, though apparently not as long lived as that first one. They were also not just limited to Jita. That most disturbing message about the market not being ready has also been seen in all of the other major trade hubs, Amarr, Dodixie, Rens and Hek.

Of course CCP is working on the issue and one hopes that this is ironed out quickly so that things can resume their normal pace however I cannot help wondering if the new faster release cycle has anything to do with it.

I know that these new releases are first be deployed on their test server so that both CCP staff and players can put everything through it’s paces and find bugs so that they can be taken care of before the update is deployed on the main server.

However messages such as “The Market is not ready at the moment. Please try again later.” really should never appear in game. The fact that this happens at all strikes me as a problem that needs attention.

EDIT: According to the Patch notes for Crius 1.4 the market issue has been fixed. Hopefully things like this won’t be cropping up again.

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E-002- 1st To Minmus – KSP First Contract

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After the success of the first flight I’ve got plenty of money in the budget and decide to take several more contracts and send the second ship off to Minmus to explore and gather more science so that the third ship will be able to have an extended stay and cover a lot more ground.

E-002- First Lessons – TFC Plays EvE Online

July 27th, 2014 | Posted in EvE Online | No Comments

The early days of one’s EvE Online career. Those memories are a wealth of n00bishness that makes me cringe at how clueless I was. At least however I learned from my mistakes.

One of those mistakes was spending a lot of time over the first few days reading the “rookie help” channel. Oh it’s true that there was some actual help going on but there was more than a fair share of non-helpful stuff (and even a few outright scams) going on. The main thing that turned me off was the sheer volume of people in that channel. It made following any one conversation quite difficult.

After a while I started looking in on the Corp channel. This is a chat channel that only people in the same corp show up in. Because of the choices I made during character creation my default corporation was CAS (Center for Advanced Studies). It turned out that my choices put me in what I’ve since come to think of as the best of the NPC corporations.

I say this because of how helpful people there are, especially to clueless n00bs like I was back then. At first I found it strange that there were so many multi-year EvE veterans still in the starter NPC corporation but this is more than just a simple starter corp. These folks do stuff. If you check the CAS Resources page on their website (yeah, the NPC corp has a website) you’ll see that CAS is more than just a bunch of n00bs and near n00bs derping about.

They’ve answered tons of my sometimes really stupid questions without being condescending about it. Back when I was doing the early tutorial missions this was a huge help. Particularly when it came to the exploration missions. I had a real problem with figuring out how to do scanning without taking 97 years to locate a simple can with a proof of discovery inside.

Because of all this I can strongly recommend that if you’re starting out on EvE Online with a new character, especially if it’s your first character, it’s a good idea to make that character Gallente and choose Center for Advanced Studies near the end of the creation process.

This episode shows how much “fun” I was having trying to get scanning nailed down. I finally did get it figured out thanks to the help from CAS members.

Come to think of it though, I haven’t done much scanning since then and there’s been a lot of changes since the spring of 2013. Perhaps it’s time I re-did those tutorials to get a refresher and learn what’s changed.

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Fart King

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Recently I’ve been eating more rice than usual and it seems that my digestion has changed somewhat over the years. I am now capable of producing prodigious amounts of gas. Enough in fact to claim the title “Fart King”.

Perhaps not my most enviable achievement but at least it’s funny.

E-024- Mob Juicing Chamber – Hermitcraft FTB Monster

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Taking the first step toward rotarycraft and setting up a mob juicing chamber

E-052- Old Stuff and New Thingz – Hermitcraft

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While I’ve been doing other things I’ve gone too long without checking the sorting system and now it’s totally messed up. Also, looking at materials for the structure I want to build around the sheep farm