Eve Market- Update After 41 days

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Over the last week business has been steady and growing as long as I make it a point to stay on top of keeping my sell order prices updated. I haven’t had as much time as I would have liked for market research although I did manage to find a few items to add to my master shopping list, bringing the total to 54 items.

I am going to make a serious effort this week to spend at least two hours a day researching items to sell. I want to have at least 150 items on the master shopping list. In particular I want to investigate items that are going to be affected by the next update which is due to be deployed in two weeks or so. This update will feature some serious changes to nulsec and lowsec travel that I believe represent an opportunity for marketers who see it coming and can prepare for it.

Tinfoil Chef of Eve OnlineExactly what do I believe that opportunity is? All I’m going to say is that this next update will, among many other things, allow Capital ships to use stargates in lowsec. Theres even some whispered rumors that CCP is thinking about allowing Capitals in hisec space as well but as I said, that is UN-Confirmed. It will also feature “Jump Fatigue” for the pilots of ships using jump drives.

Accounting 5 still has two and a half days untill it’s done. After that I will be training Marketing to skill level 2 and then I’ll train wholesale to 5. After that I’ll finish Marketing to level 5 and finish off by training Daytrading and Margin trading both to 5. According to EveMon this will take just over 63 days to complete the entire training plan.

Because of the way I’m calculating my wealth, and because I’m not listing expenditures like buying ships, modules, skillbooks, Etc. My wealth as shown below is not increased very much. Part of the reason for this is because I bought a couple of small, very fast, kinda expensive ships.

I bought them because I have found that there are times they come in handy. One such situation is when I’m placing orders and fail to notice that something I’m buying is in “system” and not “Station”. This means that those items cannot be combined into a single courier contract with everything else that was “in station”.

My standard courier contract pays 50,000 isk per jump. When there are only a few items, either because the order is a small one or because of mistakes like I just described, I am cannot justify that expense because the items, while profitable, do not represent enough to pay 50K isk per jump to move them.

This means that I either wait until there is enough stuff in that location to justify a courier or I haul it myself.

If I’m going to haul expensive goods around I want to do so safely. This goes double thanks to recent increases in ganking activity by CODE. and more recently, the CFC. I’ve read the CFC is doing it as a form of protest over certain changes in the upcoming patch. It’s gotten serious enough that Red Frog Freight has raised their prices and added a hefty surcharge for freight traveling through Udeama.

Perhaps I’m being a touch overly cautious but I’m a firm believer in “better safe than sorry” and having both of my market alts in small, fast ships means that either one can travel quickly, carry a very small amount of cargo and have a high chance of delivering it safely so long as I am fully awake and paying attention whenever either of them undocks.

Another thing that you’ll notice about the report below is the “loan balance” is now only 110,000,000. This is because I decided that I was not using the money and could not possibly add to the master shopping list fast enough to need that money, I would simply begin repayment early. Therefore I transferred nine payments worth (990,000,000 Isk) back to Testiclees Aldent. I expect to make the final payment within two weeks or less.

After that, my weekly “wealth reports” will more fully reflect what I actually have earned since I started this adventure without being artificially inflated by that “small business loan”. In retrospect I think that was a bad idea from the start and I’ll be glad to be shut of it.

starting wallet 41 days ago: 4,816,362.72

Currently Using 47 of 65 max orders

wealth= 247,775,884.72, an increase of 7,344,345.15 over the past 7 days

Corp Wallet: 52,300,875.60

+ Items in transit: 0.00
+ items in hangar waiting to be sold: 175,285,822.72
+ Current Sell orders value: 162,736,483
– buffer value*: 32,547,296.60

sub total: 357,775,884.72

– Loan** Balance: 110,000,000

*I’m including a 20 percent “buffer value” (subtracted from the total sell orders value) as the amount by which I’m prepared to lower prices in order to stay on top of the list.

** a “small business loan” of 1 billion Isk + 10% interest to be repaid to Testiclees
(see this report for details of the loan)

MInecraft Hermitcraft 3 ep2 Something Strange

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I don’t know at this time if any of the other Hermits have noticed odd things going on (like inexplicable glowing green apparitions in mountain-side caves) but there is most definitely something very peculiar going on here.

It occurred to me only yesterday that we did this reset of the Hermticraft server very close to Halloween. I realize that there is probably no connection but still, I cannot help but wonder just exactly what we’ve let ourselves open to.

Forgetting Time (YTO3 5-360)

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MInecraft Hermitcraft 3 ep1 The Long Walk

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Hermitcraft season 3 is now officially under way. Due to “technical difficulties” I don’t have near as much footage as I *thought* I had so here is what I do have.

French Fry Corn Mash Surprise (YTO3 3-362)

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In response to several requests, a “sorta kinda” cooking video. Not quite a full on cooking video but still this is a really good dish that’s easy to make